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Relaxx Toilet Stools


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Relaxx consists of 1 box containing 2 adjustable footstools


Good bowel habits are vital to maintain good pelvic health. Relaxx is a set of toilet stools to allow you to sit in a comfortable squat position when going for a poo. 

How does this help?

Every person is born with a muscle that puts a kink in our colon. This muscle – the puborectalis – acts as a ‘valve’, restricting elimination unless fully relaxed. We are fortunate that it prevents incontinence when sitting down, less fortunate that it causes blockage when sitting on the toilet. By sitting in a squat position the colon can become fully relaxed, resulting in full and easy elimination.

Why are Relaxx toilet stools so unique?

Easily adjustable stool to fit your toilet and your body. Relaxx can be set to three different heights by simply lifting the top: 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch – ensuring that there is always a best fit for you. 

The Portable design makes every bathroom feel like home. Relaxx fits in your bag so there is no need to hold it up while being somewhere else. 

Only an inch thick when folded flat. Relaxx neatly stows away in every drawer, cabinet, and behind, under or on top of your toilet! 

Carefully crafted from bamboo. Not only is it eco-friendly and sustainable, it also looks great! With its sleek and minimalistic design Relaxx blends in beautifully with any bathroom.

What the experts say

We spoke with Kate Walsh MSc, Physiotherapist and all round continence guru, she has over 25 years clinical experience and was happy to help us get to grips with bowel health and give her top tips on the correct way to poo. Head over to our blog to find out more:

Bowel Health: Is There a Taboo within the Taboos?

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