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Soul Source GRS Vaginal Dilators

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Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators have been developed in conjunction with a leading surgeon to help transgender women following Genital Reconstruction Surgery (GRS) (also known as Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS), Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS), Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or Male-to-Female Surgery (MTF)). Dilation therapy is a very important part of your post operative care as dilators are used to maintain the integrity and depth of the vagina post surgery.

Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators are made in the USA and recommended by surgeons throughout the world. They are exclusively available here in the UK at Pelvic Relief.


What Makes Them Unique

Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators are extremely smooth and perfectly shaped to address the specific anatomical needs of GRS patients. When dilating, the curves should be directed upwards to allow the tip to glide beneath the pubic bone with pressure always away from the rectum.

Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators have useful markers thereby helping you know how your dilation therapy is progressing and allowing you to communicate easily with your surgeon or nurse specialist.

Medical professionals use and recommend Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators to break up adhesions and prevent scar contracture from forming post surgery, helping women to improve their physical health by maintaining the integrity and depth of the vagina.


The Range

Available in 6 sizes, Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators are made of polyurethane and can be ordered individually.

Size Chart (cm)

The dilators are stable from -45 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius and they may be chilled if being used for post-surgical swelling or used at room temperature.


Frequently Asked Questions

To find answers to many frequently asked questions please visit our product information page. For any advice on how to safely perform your dilation therapy please refer to the guidance of your surgeon and nurse specialist. Soul Source GRS vaginal dilators carry the CE mark. They are registered class 1 medical devices in the UK.

This information on this website should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis of any medical condition. Always consult your trained medical professional for size recommendation and for diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions.

We supply clinics and hospitals within the UK so for any wholesale enquiries please contact us.

Additional information

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P1 (Purple) 22.86cm (length) x 2.22cm (diameter)
P2 (Orange) 22.86 (length) x 2.54cm (diameter)
RPVD1 (Purple) 22.86 (length) x 2.86cm (diameter)
RPVD2 (Blue) 22.86 (length) x 3.18cm (diameter)
RPVD3 (Green) 22.86 (length) x 3.50cm (diameter)
RPVD4 (Orange) 22.86 (length) x 3.81cm (diameter)




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    Jamie P (verified owner)

    Having used both, I can say that these dilators are much easier and less painful to use than the old-style straight NHS ones issued at Charing Cross. The angle makes them easier to insert and puts less strain on my perineum. Well worth the price. Fast delivery as well. Very grateful!

    • Avatar


      Thank you for your comment. We are so pleased to be able to bring these dilators to the UK.

  2. Avatar

    Jaime (verified owner)

    I was referred here by Nuffield Health, Brighton, as I wasn’t able to go straight from their small to their large dilators. The 2.86cm dilator acted as a perfect in between step, and let me get my dilation back on track after a lot of panic that I wasn’t able to complete it properly! Honestly so glad I bought this, and I have to say, it’s a lot more comfortable to use than the straight perspex ones I was issued. I don’t even use my small dilator now, it’s actually just easier to start with this one and then go straight to the large one!

  3. Avatar

    Miss Stephanie Jayne Susan Deborah Maycock (verified owner)

    I had My G.R.S. at Charing Cross Hospital in London, in February, 2020; and they issued Me with the Steris Straight Dilator’s ! My Girlfriend bought Me the Soul Source Small Orange Dilator, and the Soul Source Blue Dilator ! I have since bought Both Soul Source Purple Dilator’s, and the Soul Source Green Dilator. I use All 5 From Small to Large in Size Order. They are So Easy to Use, because of them being angled ! They are Far Better and Much More Comfortable to Use than the Steris straight one’s ! I Rate the Soul Source Dilator’s 11 out of 10. Thank You Very Much.

    • Avatar


      Thank you so much for your review.

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